Battle Against Bayport

By: Andrea Salzman

The Sheboygan North Girls Varsity Softball Team experienced a close loss against Bayport on Tuesday, May 16.

¨The score was 3-4 because they came back at the very last inning, we did absolutely amazing at hitting off of their pitcher as well as our defense,¨ said junior Aleyna Canales.

The North Team has played and lost to Bayport before during this season, however, the score gap was much larger last time.

¨The first time we played Bayport we allowed them to hit better than we did Tuesday so our defense has improved since then,¨ said junior Lauren Spaulding.

One of the challenges they faced was the pitcher on the opposing team.

¨The pitcher is one of the top pitchers in the state, and before we weren’t able to hit against her but on Tuesday we hit really well,¨ Spaulding said.

Some of them see the reflection of their growth as a team and in their playing during Tuesday’s game.

¨I think Tuesday showed how much the team grew as individuals but ultimately as a team,¨ said junior Paige Sauer.

The end of their season is about a week away, with their last game being on Friday, May 19 against Manitowoc, some of the players also saw an effect of the near end of the season during the game.

¨Being so close to the end of the season has gotten everyone to play harder, especially since we have a lot of seniors,¨ Sauer said.


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