The Big Meets

By: Kalli Sheedlo

The North Boys Golf team is approaching their regional meet, which is important in deciding if the team will move on to sectionals and state.

“Even before the season started we have been preparing for the bigger meets,” sophomore Austin Thyes said.

The team is expected to do well at these upcoming meets.

“I think the team is definitely on track to play well at upcoming events. We are taking practice seriously, and we are still having fun,” sophomore Maxwell Schmidtke said.

There is still some preparation that needs to be done before the regional meet.

“Before these meets, we want to make sure that we are mentally prepared. We also want to have the types of shots ready that we will need to hit at whatever course we play at,” Schmidtke said.

The team continues to move up in the rankings, with each meet better than their last.

“Our season has gone really well and we have accomplished most of our goals throughout the season,” Thyes said.

Along with having a good season, there are also moments that some of the players regret.

“One thing I wish I could change is to make the good things happen instead of waiting for the bad things to happen. When I made good things happen I played up to my potential,” Schmidtke said.

Reflecting on their season so far, Schmidtke gives himself advice for their upcoming meets.

“I would tell my future self to stay in the moment, not to get too high or too low mentally, and to keep grinding,” Schmidtke said.

Thyes also gives his future self a tip on how to do well.

“Some advice to myself is just to not be nervous because it’ll lead to higher scores,” Thyes said.

The North Boys Golf team takes on their regional meet on May 23 at 9:00am, hosted by Oshkosh West.

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