By: Taylor Poisson Clowns have been wandering the dark streets in the United States. Because of clowns  trying to scare adults and even children, clown hunting has gone viral on social media. Students at North […]

By: Taylor Gutschow Homeroom teachers throughout North are being required to ensure that students are checking their grades monthly, if not more frequently. “I think it is good because it keeps us aware of the […]

By: Morgan Betchkal On October 17, North students gathered at Lakeland University for the 27th annual Lakeland Math Meet. North High took home both first and third place for the group competition. The first place […]

By: Dior Laurent “Eggdrop for Homecoming” was an event that premiered for this years 2016 homecoming to combine knowledge with fun. “It’s just to show that you can involve physics throughout the whole school and […]

By: Tyra Gutschow On Oct. 15, the Child Development class kicked off the start to their “Baby Think it Over” simulation. Twenty kids brought home their doll this past weekend and experienced the responsibility of […]

By: Natalie Kastberger Students from Lycee Rene Char in Avignon, France have once again filled the hallways and classrooms of North. This gives both American and French students an opportunity to explore different high school […]

Yeezy Fever

By: Benjamin Gerbitz Adidas has recently released new pairs of Yeezys, a shoe from Kanye West’s collection with adidas. This new pair is called the Yeezy 350 Boost v2, and they have many people raving. […]

By: Ethan Stieber A major problem for the average student today is picking the right thing to eat on a daily basis with all the options out there. With having the option everyday to go […]

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